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Another energy bill means another missed opportunity for you, the home or business owner, to control your energy costs. Wouldn’t it be nice if this situation could be changed? The answer is "yes" when you decide to turn to a renewable resource, like a solar PV (electric) and or solar thermal (hot water) system, and become energy self-reliant.

Contemplate the options to your monthly household or business budget. Sound intriguing? “Ok, sounds intriguing”, you say, but how about the cost, operation, and maintenance of a solar system? The cost will be offset by governmental incentives and income tax credits and accelerated depreciation for businesses. The system operation is completely automatic.

If a solar PV (electric) and or solar thermal (hot water) system sounds right for your situation, check out the numerous options Diablo ICS offers to help you become energy self-reliant.

To be more exact, Diablo ICS offers "Complete Solar Services" to include design, permitting, installation, startup, repair of existing systems, and warranty work for:

* Photovoltaic (PV/Elec.) for grid & non grid-tied systems

* Replacement of existing inverters/panels

* Solar thermal (hot water) systems for domestic and commercial uses

* Pool heating and filtration pumps

* Attic Fans

* Troubleshooting and more...


                                                            Why Select Diablo ICS?


                                                            * Most affordable system.                                      

                                                            * Superior service.

                                                            * Your interest is our No. 1 Priority.                      

                                                            * High quality and timely installation.                              

                                                            * Hassle free rebates & permits

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